If you want to have your own house,

It is very important to think about housing loan first.

Becouse the most difficult loan in Japan is a housing loan. Unlike car loans and credit cards, it is not easy.

And if you do not know whether banks lends you a housing loan, you do not find house that you like.


Permanent residence is required

1. Annual income more than 300man.


2. Length of service over 1 year.

(current company).


3. Employment form is only regular employee.

(not contract or temporary)

4. Your age is under 40.

5. Be able to understand your Japanese more than 80%.

6. You do not have a loan(car,credit card ribo,etc…all loans)

7. .You do not have experienced a delay in loan payment.

last 7 years (Keitai,credit card, car,etc…all loans )


※6,7 is most important.


There are somewhat differences depending on the bank, but in general every bank has the same examination content.

If it does not match all of the  above content (bank requirement) and, you really want your own house,  the first thing to do is to check if the bank lends you a housing loan. It is,

bank preliminary examination 


By doing it, you canunderstand two things.

・Whether the bank will lend you a housing loan.

・Monthly payment that bank lends you a housing loan.

So,I will recommend preliminary examination of housing loan first. I will conduct bank preliminary examination for free.  Becouse you can not buy a house without 

money (housing loan.)