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Privacy Policy

GuiaDesignOffice recognizes the importance of protecting your privacy and personal information, follows laws and various regulations concerning personal information, and is committed to protecting personal information through ways such as preventing leakage of such information in accordance with the Privacy Policy below.


1. Personal Information

"Personal Information" herein means personal information which contains personally identifiable data and information unique to an individual, such as name, home address, telephone number, and e-mail address.


2. Collection of Personal Information

GuiaDesignOffice collects personal information to the extent necessary in a lawful and fair manner.


3. Purpose Concerning Use of Personal Information and Limitation of Purpose of Use

GuiaDesignOffice shall use personal information to provide quality information and services. Upon receiving personal information, GuiaDesignOffice will specify the purpose of use by each service that requires the use of personal information and will use personal information only for purposes stipulated in advance. If Guia DesignOffice changes the purpose for using personal information, the company will ask for consent prior to such change.


4. Proper Control of Personal Information

GuiaDesignOffice will assign one or more persons to be in charge of managing the control and security of collected personal information, take stringent measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage, and strive to manage personal information properly to secure the accuracy of such information.


5. Contacting for Personal Information

Please contact the following regarding inquiries for this page and personal information.

Contact Information: GuiaDesignOffice TEL 050-3697-7277

Ibaraki-ken Ushiku-shi Sakuradai 1-63-27
TEL 050-3697-7277   FAX 029-873-1841 
Ibaraki Association of Architectural Firms B5464 2809


〒300-1217 茨城県牛久市さくら台1-63-27

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