How to proceed  until you have your own house.

⇒ 1. OK(50%OK) ⇒ 2. You see inside the house

and preparation for bank main examination.

⇒ 3. You like the house.

⇒ 4. Bank main examination.

⇒ 5. OK(80%OK) ⇒ 6. Bank contract (100%)

​⇒ 6. You can have your own house.

Bank preliminary examination 

※3. You like the house.

If you do not like the house, we will serch a nother house. So, return to No.2 again.


4. Bank main examination.

At the same time, you confirm with the house owner and the document

Required documents 

for all banks preliminary examination.

(you and your partner)

①Gensen copy(H28)

②Hoken-sho copy 

③Zairyu card copy  or Driver's license copy

※③ front and back

④keitai number and e-mali addres 

Solar panels on a house roof, in the bright sun.jpg