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How to proceed  until you have your own house.

⇒ 1. OK(50%OK) ⇒ 2. You see inside the house

and preparation for bank main examination.

⇒ 3. You like the house.

⇒ 4. Bank main examination.

⇒ 5. OK(80%OK) ⇒ 6. Bank contract (100%)

​⇒ 6. You can have your own house.

Bank preliminary examination 

Required documents 

for all banks preliminary examination.

(you and your partner)

①Gensen copy(H28)

②Hoken-sho copy 

③Zairyu card copy  or Driver's license copy

※③ front and back

④keitai number and e-mali addres 

Legal contract signing - buy sell real estate contract.jpg
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