10. If you have experienced a delay in loan payment.


If you have been late for one of the past seven years, a big negative factor in judging. It applies to all loans such as car loans, credit cards and mobile phones. The delay itself is a problem. 

If you repeat it many times, you will not be able to borrow a housing loan for up to seven years. From ordinary time, we recommend paying by bank withdrawal or credit card settlement. It is the biggest check item in the bank examination of the housing loan.

9. If you do have a loan 

The all loans that you have now will affect the bank examination. Car loans, cash loans, as well as credit card revolving payments, also keitai are included. If there are many loans, it is just that, the bank examination is NG. Especially if there is only one cash loan, it often becomes NG.


Even if there is no loan, there are many credit cards, which is also a negative factor. It is better not to have credit cards as much as possible.


In case of you do not have permanent residence visa.

Even if you do not have  permanent residence, you may be able to borrow a housing loan, but the fact is that it is very difficult. Because of conditions in addition to ordinary bank examination, general banks will not handle it. So, certain banks will handle it. 


Normal content plus

1. Your partner has permanent residence or Japanese nationality.


2. Employment forms is seishain or keiyakushain.


3. Length of service is more than one years.


4. Annual income is more than ¥3,000,000.


5. You can understand Japanese more than 70%


6. Saving mioney is more than¥4,000,000.


7. In case of employment forms is hakenshain or "Jiei",

Length of service is more than three years.

※At least, four of the above requirements are necessary.


If you want to know about yourself,