Housing consultation desk specialized for foreigners living in Japan. vol.2 <English>

Self Build of Log House

Buy a kit house(Log House kit) and build a house yourself. Although it isconsiderable effort, the cost

surely drops.


We will assist you with financing for building, various applications and construction arrangements you can not do.

①Financing(It is a case to use a loan.)

※When using a loan, we will also proceed with loan screening procedures. When using it as a house, you can use a low interest mortgage.

※ Please consult us when using for office etc.

② Various applications (what you can not do without qualification)

· Building confirmation application

· Application for related laws

· Registration application relation


③ Construction preparation

· Equipment material arrangement

· Waterwork construction

·Electrical construction

Equipment (kitchen etc) is not included in the kit, so you need to arrange it. We arrange for you to purchase it cheaply.

④ Land Introduction

If there is no place to build, we will introduce the land.

⑤ Introduction of contractors

If it is difficult to do the work on your own, I would like to introduce construction companies. Because it will be a direct deal, this also does not cost intermediate margin etc.


If you are interested, please respond to this simple questionnaire. After that, we will discuss details.

We will create a kit house plan free of charge.

If you like the plan, please move forward. Please feel free to contact us first.