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New Year Information vo.Ⅱ

1. Brand new house ¥11,000,000

2. Housing loan monthly ¥31,000

3. Reception period: 2018.1/1-11 extended period

4.Requirement:please see below

Reference building:modern type

Reference plan:3LDK 90.30㎡


1. Brand new house ¥11,000,000

We will sell brand new house at 11,000,000.

LED lighting, air conditioning and furniture are included in the above price.

Land, incidental construction, various expenses are not included.

Total amount depends on your request area and bank examination.

2. housing loan monthly ¥31,000:Also, it depends on bank examination.

3. Recruitment is limited to 2018.1.11

4.Requirement:It matches bank main examination.<Most important>

More detail <how to proceed>

1. Please check yourself. check:This site "Dream"

2. Based on your checking, I will investigate housing loan that fits you.

3. I will tell your request area.

4. Based on No.1-No.3, I will judge whether it is appropriate.

<Besides the qualification of an architect, I am qualified as a housing loan advisor:housing loan adviser No.92164674>

5. Based on your consent, I will submit bank preliminary examination.

6. After permission for bank preliminary examination. I will see you and confirm.

7. After convincing each other.I will submit bank main examination.

8. After permission for bank main examination,you and I will proceed to buy a brand new house.


Ibaraki Association of Architectural Firms B5464 2809

Thank you for your consideration.

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