A.If you do not have permanent residence,

Even if you do not have permanent residence, you may be able to borrow a housing loan, but the fact is that it is very difficult.

Bank basic requirement(If you do not have permanent residence)

1.You have many saving money.

2.Your family have many saving money.

3.You have real estate in Japan.

4.Your family have real estate in Japan.

5.You currently have live in house of yours or your family's name.

6.You have been lived in the same house for over 3 years.

7.You have been worked for over 3 years in the same company.

8.Your employment form is Seishain.

9.You have been in Japan for over 5 years.

10.Your children are attending school in Japan.

11.Yeary income is more than¥400 man

No.1-No.4 is very important factor. Japanese ability is high.Employment form is Seishain.

※Only exception if you have many savings.(about mmore than 500 man)