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Step for owning a house

It is simple and not difficult.

3 easy step for owning a house

1️⃣ Check the money that bank will lend you.

2️⃣ Search the house and area within No.1️⃣.

3️⃣ Have a house within No.2️⃣.

No.1️⃣ is the basis of everything. Also, it means housing loan examination.

Upper limit line

If you check No.1️⃣ , you know upper limit line = how much will bank lend you a housing loan.

If your upper limit line is 💴2,000 man, you can choose house that you like within 💴2,000 man.

Housing loan examination step

I think you already understand, the most important things is housing loan examination.

1️⃣st, preliminary is simple and easy.

2️⃣nd, main is detail. 1st is approved but, 2nd is often not approved.

If you approve main, last is bank interview.

So, if you really want to have your own house,

" just do " 1️⃣ housing loan examination.

Requirements for 1st

1st examination is simple. It can be done online.

So if you send the following, I will request the bank to check it.

1️⃣ English name ※according to "Zairyu card"

2️⃣ "Katakana" name ※according to "Hokensho"

3️⃣ Birthday

4️⃣ Japanese address

5️⃣ Exactly yealy income

6️⃣ Email address

7️⃣ " Keitai " number

8️⃣ Name of workplace※

9️⃣ Address of workplace※

※8️⃣9️⃣Japanese and in the case of temporary employees, the dispatch agency.

However I think you are always busy. And almost is Japanese, so I think it is difficult to check above contents.

So, If you send the following, I will check them and request the bank to review it.

1️⃣ Zairyu-card / Residence card

⚠️If you have drivers licence, please send it too.

2️⃣ Shakai hokensho / Social Insurance card

3️⃣ Gensen Reiwa 4 / Withholding slip 2022

⚠️If you don't have a Gensen, please send payslip for last 3 month.

4️⃣📱Cell phone number and ✉️ E-mali address

I think this is easier and faster.

Until meeting in directly

1️⃣ If you will send requirements<photo OK> to e-mail or facebook messenger,

2️⃣ 👩‍💼I will request the bank to check.

3️⃣ After that, if the result will be approved or not, I will adust schedule and expalin with you in directly.

I hope your dream come true.


If you have any questions, please ask

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