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The best way to have your own house.

First, you will have to check if bank

will lend you a housing loan.

Because you can not buy a house

without money and housing loan is

very difficult. especially for


It is completely different from other

loans<car or cash and credit card>.

It must apply to all of the following


Basic bank requirement

A.Basic standard

1. Japanese or Permanent residence

2. Employment form is only Seishain

<not Keiyku or hakenshain and jiei>

3. Yearly income is more than

400man.<total with partner is OK>

4. Length of service is more than 3

year<current company>

5. Age is under 40.

6. Japanese ability is more than 70%

※<Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana>

also writing

7. Saving money is more than

100 man

8. Borrowing amount 20 million

or less

B.Important standard

9. You do not have a loan

<car,credit card ribo,etc…all loans>

10. You do not have experienced a

delay in loan payment. last 7 years

<mobile phone, credit card, etc…>

I am afriad that there are few people

who apply to all. If you apply to all

the above contents, there are no

problems. However, I am afraid that

there are few people applicable.

So,If you really will want to your own

house, you will have to find the

applicable bank that fits you.

And you will have to negotiate that

bank. It is impossible to do it in

reality, so I will do it for you.

I'm afraid that there are few people who clears all of the above contents.

So, If you really want your own house, the first thing to do is to check if the bank lends you a housing loan.And,you should do the first bank examination.

It is "bank preliminary examination."

By doing it, you can understand two things.

You understand whether the bank will lend you a housing loan.

You understand monthly payment that bank lends you a housing loan.

It is better to find a house after you understand it.

Again, bank examination is really difficult. If it is easy, all the foreigners in Japan should have their own house. However, few people currently have their own house.

If I do not understand it, I will not have your own house anyway. On the contrary, if you understand it, you should have a house.

So,I will recommend bank preliminar examination first.

I will conduct it for free. Becouse you can not buy a house without money (housing loan.)


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