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CIC-Credit Information Center is a credit reference agency.

Loan history

They manage personal credit information (past and current loan status) based on information provided by credit card companies and banks. If you request information to CIC, you can check your own credit information.

Knowing the following

1️⃣ Past and present loan payment status

2️⃣ Past and present outstanding loan status

1️⃣ Loan payment status

CIC is always checking your past and present loan payment status.

So you can know if you are paying the loan properly within the deadline (promised payment date). If there are many late payments, it will have a negative impact on your housing loan examination.

2️⃣ Outstanding loan status

CIC is always checking your past and present outstanding loan status too.

If you have an outstanding loan, it is better to pay it off as soon as possible. Of course, this also has a negative impact on your housing loan examination.

If housing loan examination is NG

If you don't pass it, most of the causes are these two. Especially for 2️⃣, this information doesn't disappear. If you leave it as it is, you will not be able to pass housing loan examination in the future. There are many cases of unpaid mobile phone terminal payments. It's probably not that big of a amount, so I have recommend getting it done early.

How to get CIC documents

You can apply online, and the fee is 500 yen (including consumption tax). The procedure is somewhat troublesome, but if you are worried about the loan information, I think you should get it.


How to inquiry

If you want to ask in detail,

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