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About bank preliminary examination of housing loan


If you will apply it,

your house planning is beginning.

Required documents

for bank preliminary examination of housing loan.

(you and your partne documents.

※If you do not have a partner, or if your partner dose not work, partner's documents does not need.)

①Gensen copy(H29)※1

②Hoken-sho copy 

③Zairyu card copy or 

Driver's license copy※2

④keitai number and e-mali address

※1 If you do not have "H29 Gensen", please tell me  monthly salary (tax included, for three months) 

※2 Front and back. however, if it is not write anything on the back, the back is not necessary.

Could you please send these documents photo 

by facebook messenger? I will submit bank.

So, you will receive an e-mail from the bank in 1-2 days. 

After that, you can know the results in about a week.

So, if you really want to have your own house, first you have to do "preliminary examination of housing loan"

If you will apply it, your house planning is beginning.

Could you please check yourself first?

A national qualified architect advises you how to have your own house.

Please feel free to contact us. 

Thank you.


Ibaraki Association of Architectural Firms

B5464 2809


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