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Looking inside of the house

There are some notes.

When you look inside the house, 1st you have to ask the owner if it's OK to look inside it. At that time, there are cases where it is OK (it is OK to look) and NG (it is difficult to look = NO).

Of course, if it is OK, it is possible to look inside the house, but if it is NG, it is not possible to look it.

The main reason for NG is when someone who is already planning to buy it (=someone has reservation).

Also, if you buy with a housing loan, I think it is better not to look inside the house in the following cases.

1️⃣The house doesn't conform to the housing loan rules.

・The house is too old.

・The purpose of the house is special <stores, office etc.>

・The structure of the house is special <doesn't comply with the housing law>

2️⃣The owner of the house is unwilling to sell the house to anyone other than a cash buyer.

In this case, you can look inside, but you cannot buy it with a housing loan. Therefore, looking inside is a waste of time.

In addition, it is not recommended in the following cases.

・There is a strange neighbor near the house.

・There was an incident in that house before (fire, death due to incident, suicide) 

You can still look inside. However, after buying it, I think you will regret.

In summary, it is better to think that the following cases are NG.

⚠️Buying a house with a housing loan.

1️⃣Someone already has reservation.

2️⃣House dose'nt meet the housing loan rule.

3️⃣You need to buy with cash.

4️⃣House has strange neighbors nearby.

5️⃣House has an incident before.

⚠️Buying a house with cash.

1️⃣Someone already has reservation.

2️⃣House has strange neighbors nearby.

3️⃣House has an incident before.

Please pay attention to these.


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