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The total amount of the house


Concept of total house cost

The total cost of the house is the sum of house price and various expenses.

Various expenses are the money you need when you buy a house. It depends on the examination contents of the financial institution and the house price.

Estimated miscellaneous expenses are around 10% of the house price.


House price 2,000 man yen



Total price 2,200 man yen

This is the approximate total cost of the house.

The main expenses are..

housing loan guarantee fees (guarantee fees paid to financial institutions) and brokerage fees (costs paid to real estate companies) and house registration costs (costs required when changing the name of the house) etc..There are 5-10 items.

These are determined by financial institutions and various laws.

Once 2nd examination is approved, you will be able to know the approximate amount. Therefore, we recommend that you try 2nd examination as early as possible.

Also, the costs can be included in the housing loan. So, when considering the monthly payment, I think that it is better to consider not only the house price but also the payment including various expenses.


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