最終更新: 5月3日

This is how to do.

1st examination can be applied online. In the case of online examination, you can know the result quickly.

We think you are busy everyday. So this way will save your time.

If you will sent us required documents to our facebook messenger <GUIA DESIGN OFFICE>, we can submit the bank.

Required documents for 1st.

・Withholding slip copy Reiwa 2 ※1

 “Gensen choshuhyo Reiwa 2 nen"

・Social insurance card copy ※2

 “Shakai hoken sho"

・Residence card copy ※3

 “Zairyu card"

・Driver's license copy ※4

 “Unten menkyo sho"

Email address and Keitai number


※1 If you do not have Gensen R1, please prepare payslip for last 3 month. And if you do not have that too, please prepare some moments now.

※2 If you do not have Shakai hoken, please prepare Kokuminkenko-hoken.

※3 If you change your address front of residence card, please prepare front and back.

※4 If you do not have Unten-menkyo, you do not have to prepare it.


1. Please prepare the required documents.

2. Please take a picture of them and sent us=GUIA DESIGN OFFICE


3. You will know the result about a week. <normally aboiut 2-3 days>

Of course,

If you will apply to 1st examination, we will meet and confirm each other. For that time, we will explain the future plan directly.

This is a time-saving way.

If you will try to do 1st housing loan examination, please tell us.


We will cooperate your dream.

Please feel free to contact us.