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Bank interview

After the contract is over, the next step is a bank interview. The interview date, interview location are decided, and you will prepare requirements for the interview.

📃Requirements for bank interview

1️⃣Contract documents

2️⃣New Resident card "Jyuminhyo" ×3

3️⃣New Seal certificate "Inkanshomeisho" ×3



6️⃣Stamp fee

7️⃣Certificate of payment "Kansai shomeisho"

8️⃣Various identification cards "Zairyu card" etc

⚠️Notes on requirements

2️⃣New Resident card "Jyuminhyo"

3️⃣New Seal certificate "Inkanshomeisho"

You have to prepare resident card "Jyuminhyo" and seal certificate "Inkanshomeisho" for new address. Therefore, you have to change your new address at the city hall 3 days before the interview.

If the address you are moving to isn’t in the same municipality, 1st you have to go to the city hall of your current municipality and submit a notification of moving out "Tenshutu todoke", then go to the municipality of your new address.


This is a passbook for monthly payments. There is no problem with the passbook you normally use. May be specified by some banks.


If the seal certificate "Inkanshomei inkan" and the seal on the passbook "Giko inkan" are different, you have to bring both.

6️⃣Stamp fee

It depends on the content of the loan , but it is generally 20,000 to 25,000 yen.

7️⃣Certificate of payment "Kansai shomeisho"

If you have condition for current loan payment, you have to bring it.

⚠️Notes when changing address

1️⃣Person in charge of city hall may ask you when you will go to city hall.

"When is your address moved?"

→Your answer is "Today"

Today is the day that you will go to city hall. Because if you tell him/her 2weeks later, he/ she tell you "If so, please come again after 2 weeks later"

This is not good. If that, you don't get new address "Jyuminhyo and Inkanshoumeisho"

So if they ask you that, please tell them "Today"

2️⃣Also, they may ask you again.

"Do you have anything to prove ?"

→Your answer is "This documents"

This documents are house contract documents that you contracted. So, please bring it at city hall.

📃Important point for bank interview

It takes about 2-2.5 hours. Person in charge of bank will explain the contents of the document. I think there are difficult words as like contract.

However this time, bank will also check your Japanese conversation. If your answer will be not good, bank questions will be more difficult.

Therefore, even if the content is somewhat difficult, please try to "appear to understand" as much as possible.

You don't get too nervous. Please relax as much as possible. If so, I think there is no problem. As with the contract, I will explain the unclear points later in an easy-to-understand manner.

I will tell bank about you in advance. So I think they will try to explain it as easily as possible.

📃Difficult content

Still, there is one difficult content.

It's about early repayment=advance payment, "Kuriage hensai".

It means paying off a loan early. This time, you have a 35 years housing loan. However, there are ways to shorten that period. Here is an explanation about it.

I will explain about it in an easy-to-understand manner too when bank interview. So you don't have to worry about.


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