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Black list measures


If you apply to the following coments, you have to be careful.

You have been experienced 

1. bank examination of housing loan is NG.

2. time when you do not make a credit card.

3. time when it was not keitai of your name.

There is only one cause for them. "Personal information" is bad. If you so, you had better to get "Personal information"first and check it. Knowing your current situation is to lead to the future.

It is meaningless to investigate the cause. You should consider the future rather than that. You just have to plan for the future. If you make a solid plan, it is no problem. Please do not give up because loan examination become NG.

I will help you to have your own house future.

do not hesitate to contact us.

If your personal information is bad now,one day, you can surely have your own house.


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