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Brand new terrace house project


Price, from ¥1,280 man yen, Included lot※1

Monthly payment, from ¥4 man yen / month※2

※1. Excluded various incidental construction and various expences. These depends on the location.

※2. Housing loan with life insurance 35 years. The lot depends on the location market price.

About brand new terrace house project,

If you will separate the lot and the house with some family, your monthly payment will be cheaper. Then you will have a new house at a price that makes life easier.

There are two applicable conditions.

1. You have to find the another family.

2. You have to apply to housing loan with the another family.

The another family is brother, sister, parent and child, also couple<husband and wife>. The point is to borrow a housing loan separately and separate the land from the house.If you will apply above two points, you will able to can buy a new house cheaply.

First, could you please find the another family that buy the house with you. and, could you please check this following contents. It is about housing loan.

After that, we will investigate the housing loan and the location that fits you.

Please feel free to contact us. Thank you.


Ibaraki Association of Architectural Firms

B5464 2809


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