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Self-check for loan history so far

Could you please check the following contents ?

※Please tell me as much detail as possible.

1. Have you ever been late for loan payments ?


You have to pay a loan on the 25th of every month, but you have paid on the 28th, 29th...or next month.

・All payments in installments are loans.

・Credit card installments and revolving payments are loans.

・Mobile phone terminal charges are also loans.

1. Yes

2. No

2. How many times has it been so far ?

No.2 question to those who answered yes. If your answer is No, please proceed to No.4.

1. Only once

2. A few times

3. Many times

3. What kind of loan is it ?

1. Mobile phone

2. Credit card

3. Cashing loan

4. Car loan

5. Other

4. Have you ever been suspended from your credit card or mobile phone etc ?

1. Yes

2. No

5. Have you ever been tried housing loan examination ?

1. Yes

2. No

6. What is the result ?

1. Yes

2. No

Question to those who answered yes. If your answer is unknown, please proceed to No.8.

7. When is it ?

1. Within 6 months

2. About 6-12 months ago

3. About 1-3 years ago

4. More than that

8. Have you ever been a guarantor for someone ?

1. Yes

2. No

If you want to ask about this in detail,

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