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Once the owner accepts your reservation, the next step is to sign the contract.


The contract date, contract location, contract money etc. are decided, and you will prepare requirements for the contract.

Depending on the owner's request, you may pay the contract money in advance by bank transfer. (In the case of new house, almost all)

Also, if the conditions for 2nd examination approved are to pay all loans balance, you will proceed with preparations for that as well. At the bank interview, you have to submit certificate that you paid off it.

It's called certificate of payment.

="Kansai shomeisho"

Depending on the loan company, it may take some time before you receive. So I think it is better to do the procedure as soon as possible.

Requirements for contract

1️⃣ Contract money

2️⃣ Various identification cards "Zairyu card" etc

3️⃣ Resident card "Jyuminhyo"

4️⃣ Seal certificate "Inkanshomeisho"

5️⃣ Inkan

6️⃣ Stamp fee

7️⃣ Certificate of payment "Kansai shomeisho"

※If it's conditions of 2nd examination approved

Advance transfer of contract money

In case of advance transfer of contract money, you prepare the contract money and transfer it to the designated account. At that time, there are many cases where a number is added before your name.

Also, after making a transfer, please be sure to keep the receipt. It will be certificate of transfer.


1️⃣ Transfer the contract money

2️⃣ Add a number before your name

3️⃣ Keep receipt

Preparing the loan balance payments

If you have loan balance, 1st, please call your current loan company. If you tell them that " I will pay all loan balance", they tell you the amount and the designated account. If you know it, please pay loan balance as soon as possible. After you pay it, please be sure to tell them to send a balance certificate = "Kansai shomeisho" as soon as possible. It is requirment for the final bank interview.


Important point for contract

It takes about 3 hours. The explainer will explain about the house and land, but I think there are many difficult words that even Japanese people don't understand. So if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner.

We check all the documents before the contract, so you don't have to worry about anything.

The explainer asks obvious things and talks about obvious things for a long time. This is the explainer's rule (he/she must tell you), so you don't have to worry about it. I think it's going to be a bit tired, so i think it's better to listen to it as casually as possible.

This document will be used from now on. (final bank interview and tax refund) So please keep it safe.


How to inquiry

If you want to ask in detail,

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Please feel free to contact us.

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advice that suits your current situation.


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