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Easy way to have a house

How to have your own house for foreigners living in Japan.

Let me briefly explaim,

“You check the money lent by the bank and buy a house within that budget”

In short,

"1st, you just do bank's review of housing loan"

It is very simple.

There are two big reasons to do it first.

1. it is very difficult for Japanese but more difficult for foreigners linving in Japan. It is different from car loan and credit card. These loan is easy loan.

2. You wii know the house that you can buy.

Bank's housing loan review is 3 times in all. It takes time until the 3rd review.

⇒1. You will make a 1st bank reveiw.

⇒2. If 1st is OK, it is start to your house planning, and the possibility that you can buy a house is 50%

⇒3. You will prepare for 2nd bank reveiw. After you will do it, You will be able to search for a house in earnest.

⇒4. You will make a 2nd bank reveiw.

⇒5. If 2nd is OK, the possibility that you can buy a house is 80%

⇒6. You will decide whether to buy a house or not.

⇒7. If you will decide a house, you will enter the final stage.

⇒8. You will contract a house that you decide to buy.

⇒9. You will make a 3nd bank reveiw.

⇒10. If 3rd is OK, the possibility that you can buy a house is 100%

⇒11. You will contract the bank.

⇒12. You will receive a house.

⇒13. You will have your own house.

1st review is "preliminary review"

If you really want to have your own house, the fist thing is to "You have to do bank's preliminary<=1st> review of housing loan"

If you do it, you can know two important things.

1. The possibility that the bank will lend you a housing loan.

2. If the bank will lend you it, how much is it?

In addition,

even if you will apply to 1st reveiw, if you do not have a favorite house, you do not have to buy a house.

Nothing is negative for you.

If you apply to 1st reveiw, your planning begins.

Would you like to try to 1st review? If you want to try 1st reveiw, could you please tell us?

We will cooperate with it.

In detail,

please email or facebook messenger.



please feel free to contact us.


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