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Examination contents


There are several check items in the examination.

Check items

Banks (financial institutions, etc.) will check the following when examining housing loan.

1️⃣ Loan history

2️⃣ Yearly income

3️⃣ Repayment rate 

4️⃣ Employment status

5️⃣ Age

6️⃣ Family status

7️⃣ Property

8️⃣ Health

9️⃣ Others

1️⃣ Loan history

It will be the most important part of the examination. The bank will check your past and present loan delay and unpaid status.

It's different from a credit card or car loan,etc. and it's a detailed check. Also, if there are many existing loans, the examination will be strict.

Existing loans : Cars, mobile phone fee, credit card installments, revolving payments, cash loans, etc. are all existing loans.

2️⃣ Yearly income

income for the year. In addition to regular work, part-time work on weekends and various allowances received from the city hall, "JIdo teate" ,etc. can also be regarded as income.

3️⃣ Repayment rate

The repayment rate is the balance between yearly income and repayment amount (loan amount). Generally, it is considered to be around 25% to 35% of yealy income.

Of course, if you have an existing loan, the monthly repayment amount of that will also be included in the calculation.

If your existing loan amount is large, the amount you can borrow will be significantly reduced. The calculation method will be a special method.

Simply put, existing loans also affect the housing loan examination.

4️⃣ Employment status

Employment type (regular employee, contract employee, temporary employee, part-time employee, etc.), length of service, workplace size, etc. are subject to examination.

In the case of general banks, the employment form must be a full-time employee and the length of service must be one year or more.

Also, self-employed people have a lot of requirements and the examination is stricter than other employment status.

5️⃣ Age

Usually, it is reviewed in 35 years. Around 80 years old is the age at the time of final repayment.

In general companies, the retirement age is around 65 years old, so it is better to review at around 30 years old.

The older you are, the harder it will be strict for the examination. Also, if you are too young, the examination will be difficult.

6️⃣ Family status

Family composition such as spouse and children, number of dependents, income of spouse, etc. will be confirmed.

The larger the family, the higher the cost of living, so it is likely that the screening will be stricter.

Also, if you are single or young, your income is considered to be insecure, and the examination tends to be stricter.

7️⃣ Property

New houses and used houses are screened differenty. If the price is the same, used houses will be subject to stricter screening.

8️⃣ Health

Life insurance is included in the housing loan. Basically, the examination will be strict if the health condition is not normal.

Also,if you have a serious illness or disability, you may not be able to screened.

9️⃣ Others

There may be other requirements depending on your situation.


Housing loan examination will review comprehensively based on these contents.

1️⃣ and 3️⃣ are especially important.

When approved

Those who have a loan now will have conditions when 2nd examination is approved.

It's about whether you pay the loan or not. This will change the amount you can borrow for a housing loan.

If you pay

You can borrow the approved amount.

If you don't pay

You can borrow less than the approved amount.

If you can buy the house you want without paying your current loan, you don't have to pay. However, if you cannot buy the house you want without paying the loan, it is better to pay the loan.

When you must pay

Regardless of the size of your current loan, you may be required to pay it off. It depends on the examination, but if you currently have a loan, these conditions are often attached.

You will know it after 2nd examination. So it is better to finish it as soon as.


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