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Existing loan

If you have existing loans, you must report all of them for 2nd examination.

Depending on the type of loan, the documents to prepare is different.

Please check the following.

Type 1

1. Borrowing for monthly payments (Auto loan, Products loan <including mobile phones>, Education loans, etc.)

Required documents

・Contract (order form)

・Repayment schedule / It is monthly payment schedule

You always get them from company you bought it. If not, it is lost.

In that case, please ask and get them again from the company.

Type 2

2. Borrowing by credit card (shopping <installment payment, revolving payment>, cash advance, etc.) ・ Card loan

Required documents

・Usage statement / It is monthly invoice. 

You always recieve it in monthly invoice paper or app from the card company you used.

If not, it is lost or not registered.

In that case, please register in the app.


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