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Foreign-friendly housing loan examination agency

There are some.

In the case of general banks

There are two major conditions for housing loan examination for foreigners (even if they have already acquired Japanese nationality).

It is a regular employee "Seishain" and Japanese reading comprehension (reading and writing "Kanji").

Without these two requirements, you will not be able to try at general bank.

(Of course, permanent residence is a necessary requirement.)

So you will need to try a housing loan examination that doesn't have this requirement.

That is Flat 35.

Flat 35

Flat 35 is the name of a long-term fixed interest rate housing loan product.

"Jyutakushien kiko" Japan Housing Finance Agency, a Japanese policy financial institution, lends you a housing loan.

Eventually, the Japan Housing Finance Agency (Japanese policy financial institution) will review you and lend you a housing loan.

But before that, some specialist organizations will confirm.

Specialist organization

Some specialist organizations have to confirm your requirements before Flat 35 will check. This is Flat 35 rule.

They are as follows.

・ Aruhi

・ Saison

・ Orix

・ Japan Mortgage

・ Family life service


The rules are slightly different depending on these specialist organizations.

Therefore, it is important to carefully identify the rules (conditions) of them.


💁‍♀️How to inquiry

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