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House design vo.035 / 5 bedroom and 2 bathroom

House design is the style of your home country with housing equipment incorporates the good parts of Japan.

Equipment specifications

Kitchen / System kitchen, water purifier, 3-burner stove, grill, underfloor storage.

Bathroom / Vanity with shower, warm water washing toilet seat, 2 toilets, energy-saving water heater.

Entrance / Intercom with monitor, card key, dimple key, shoes in closet.

Room / Double lock door, double glazing, fire alarm, storage in all rooms.


The following items are extra costs.

Land, foundation reinforcement work, external water supply and drainage work, exterior work, interior work, furniture / air conditioner work, some lighting work, various expenses, land expenses.

Floor area

1F 73.70㎡

2F 91.09㎡

Total 164.79㎡

House Price

3,000 man yen(tax included)~

※Excluding land price.

※Price depends on your request.

※Layout can be changed freely

How to inquiry

If you want us to design house that fits you,

If you want to ask in detail,

facebook messenger

Please feel free to contact us.

🇯🇵 A national qualified expert try to give you

advice that suits your current situation.


Ibaraki Association of Architectural Firms

B5464 0309


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