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Housing loan examination if you don’t have permanent residence.


It is possible to do housing loan examination without permanent residence. However the requirements are very strict.


1️⃣ Status of residence with no restrictions on employment

2️⃣ Own funds, self-financing of 20% of total house purchase amount

3️⃣ Able to read and write Japanese (including kanji)

4️⃣ Full-time employee with more than 1 year of service

5️⃣ Ohers

If you don't match this condition, you will not be able to do housing loan examination itself.

1️⃣ Status of residence

Status of residence with no restrictions on employment (other than permanent resident)

Japanese spouse, etc. “Nihonjin no Haigyusha”

Permanent resident spouse, etc. “Eijyusha no Haigyusha”

Long-term resident (no restrictions) "Teijyusha"

Statuses of residence other than the above (long-term residents with restrictions, etc.) don't match conditions for examination.

2️⃣ Own funds

Own funds will be a very important factor in the examination. You need to prepare 20% of the total home purchase amount of your own funds.

In the case of a house of 2,000 man yen, it will be over 400 man yen.

3️⃣ Japanese ability

You must be able to read and write not only katakana and hiragana, but also regular Japanese sentences (including kanji).

4️⃣ Employment form

Employment form is only full-time employees, "seishain" with more than 1 year of service.

Contract employees,"keiyaku shain" and temporay employees, "haken shain" are not applicable.

If you are self-employed "Jiei gyo", you will need to prepare a lot of conditions and documents. Even Japanese people who are self-employed very strict examination in order to be applicable. Especially foreigners, the requirements are even more strict.

5️⃣ Ohers

Depending on your situation, you may need to prepare other documents as necessary.


If you don't have permanent residence, there are many conditions for the housing loan examination. In order to do it, you must apply all these requirements.

However it is just condtions for housing loan examination. Whether you pass it or not is another matter.

If you don't apply the above, you will have to wait until you will apply or you will have to do it after getting permanent residence. So I think you should get permanent residence as soon as possible.


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