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Housing subsidy system

If you will buy your own house,you may receive subsidies from the city hall.

Each city in Japan, many city hall have housing subsidy.If you meet the each city hall conditions, you will receive housing subsidies.


・You move the another city from where you live now

・You buy a brand new house or used house.

※Each depending on city hall have subsidies even in apartments. It is private apartment, not municipal housing.

Case 1

Ibarakiken Toride-shi

Acquisition of brand new house 50 man (max), used house 30 man (max 40 man)

Ibaraki-ken Tsukubamirai-shi    

Acquisition of brand new house 100 man (max)

Case 2

Gifu-ken Gifu-shi

Acquisition of rental apartments.   

12 man(max)

Few Japanese use this system because the conditions are complicated and applications are cumbersome "mendo" and use professional knowledge. You had better to use it if you meet the city hall conditions that you move.

I will make a housing drawing and prepare the documents.

Consultation, investigation is free.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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