If you have been late for loan payment


There are several reasons why you don't pass loan examination. The most common reason is

"I did not meet the loan payment deadline."

Please be careful if you have any of the follwing.

・ You paid the loan late on the 25th of every month. It is been 28th, 29th..or next month.

・ You did this many times, not just once.

・ You couldn't pay the monthly loan, so you didn't do anything. As a result, your credit card was stopped.

・ You didn't pay the loan when I returned to my home country before.

Loans include all loans. Car loan, credit cards, and mobile phone terminals are also loans. If you buy the mobile phone in installments, you will still get a loan. Credit card installments and revolving payments are also loans. Please think of it as a loan if you don't buy the item at once, but pay it in installments.

"I'm all on time now." " I paid for everything now. " It's not good because you paid. There is a problem with the late payment of loan.

It is better to change your loan information.

Your loan information is shared by all loan companies and banks. So if your loan information is bad, you need to fix this. Unless you correct that information, you will continue to fail your loan information. Conversely, if you correct the information, you have a chance.

Housing loan examination is most difficult loan for all examinations. If you've done a few housing loan examinations but you didn't pass them, we recommend that you should get your loan information. With that information, you can get a rough idea of why you didn't pass houjing loan examination.

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