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Is it for the company? or for you?


There are two ways of housing loan examinations.

In case of Type A

A. Can you buy a house that you like ?

The bank has only two replies, OK or NG. If the reply is NG, the examination will end.

This is the way a housing company wants to sell a house. So if it is NG, the company can't sell you a house and then doesn't suggest anything to you.

This way is for housing company.

In case of Type B

B. How much can you borrow housing loan ?

You know how much you can borrow, so you can buy your favorite house within that range.

This is way for you. You can buy a house within the amount you can borrow.

This way is for customers, you.

Which is better?

We think it has been decided to be B.

We suggest only B. Because it's for you.

All of our customers buy a house this way, Type B. They all have a house that fits them.

For that purpose, 1st they all challenged housing loan examination.

If you have a consultation, please tell us,

Please feel free to contact us.


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