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It is better to think of "land for living" and "land for business" separately.

If you start business with buying a house, it is better to think of "land for living" and "land for business" separately.

Reason No.1

You got a housing loan to buy a house. You also did business using containers etc. on the same land.

If so,the land will not be land for living, but land for business.

If someone, bank, neighbor will know it, you will be penalized with housing loan.

Simply put, bank ask you "please sell the land."

Selling land means selling the house together, so the house disappears together.

I think the risk is too high for you.

Reason No.2

If you have a house on a large land, tax will be applied to the entire land. Taxe for land depends on the purpose of use of the land. Land tax for house is expensive.

However, Land tax for agriculture or business etc..are cheep.

Land for house that you live costs a lot of tax. It's completely different from taxes for agriculture and business etc.

So everone usually don't do about this.

Reason No.3

Even if you think "there is no problem", neighborhood may tell ciyt hall etc..

You will get complaints from my neighbors.

In that case, a city hall survey will be conducted, and a bank survey will also be conducted.

If so, the same situation is as No.1.

Reason No.4

When you buy land for business, it is a business loan (business loan).

Since it is different from the housing loan examination, the business loan examination does not difficult as the same housing loan.

Also, if you want to expand your business in the future, you can get additional funds. If you want to do business, I think this loan is more advantageous.


It is better to think of land separately as "land for house that you live" and "land for business".

So I think you don't have to think house with large land.


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