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Japanese conversation

During the process, there are several situations when you will need to speak Japanese. Please refer to the example of the conversation.

Identity verification with a bank

The bank will contact you during housing loan examination process. That is identity verification.

There are some questions in Japanese. You must answer in Japanese. Also, Japanese people often use polite language, so please pay attention to polite language as well.

Below is an example of the content

1️⃣ En/ Name Jp/ Namae, Onamae <Polite>

Q. Please tell me your name

→ Onamae wo oshiete kudasai

or Onamae wo oshiete itadakemasuka ?

A. ~ desu.

※~ desu is polite language. So please be sure to add ~ desu when you reply.

2️⃣ En/ Address Jp/ Jyosho, Gojyusho <Polite>

Q. Please tell me your address

→ Gojyusho wo oshiete kudasai

or Gojyusho wo oshiete itadakemasuka ?

A. ~ desu.

3️⃣ En/ Birthday Jp/ Seinengappi

Q. Please tell me your birthday

→ Seinengappi wo oshiete kudasai

or Seinengappi wo oshiete itadakemasuka ?

A. ~ desu.

in case of 2001.01.01, En/ reading is January 1, 2001

→Jp/ Nisenichi nen ichi gatsu tsui tachi 2001.01.01

4️⃣ En/ Workplace Jp/ Kinmusaki , Gokinmusaki<P>

Q. Please tell me your workplace

→ Gokinmusaki wo oshiete kudasai

or Gokinmusaki wo oshiete itadakemasuka ?

A. ~ desu.

These are simple and easy question. It depends on examnation but, next is often a little harder. I will continue to explain.

5️⃣ En/ Motivation Jp/ Doki

Q. Please tell me what is your motivation for buying house. <Please tell me the reason>

→ Ie no gokonyu no doki wo oshiete kudasai

A.1 Because the monthly rent is wasted.

→ Apart dai ga mottainai kara desu.

→ Apart dai ga muda dakara desu.

A.2 Because my current apartment is small.

→ ima no Apart ga semai kara desu.

※If you will answer both, it is perfect.

6️⃣ En/ About House Jp/ Ie, bukken

※It depends on person in charge.

Q.1 Please tell me the house for thinking to buy.

→ Ie nitsuite oshiete kudasai

or Ie nitusite oshiete itadakemasuka ?

A. Hai or Wakarimashita.

※This time answer is Hai or Wakarimashita. Because they continue to guestion.

Q.2 Please tell me the price

→ Kakaku wo oshiete kudasai

or Kakaku wo oshiete itadakemasuka ?

A. ~ man yen desu.

Q.3 Please tell me land sqm.

→ Tochi no Okisa wo oshiete kudasai

or Tochi no Okisa wo osiete itadakemasuka ?

A. ~ heibei desu.

※En/ sqm Jp/ Heibei

Q.4 Please tell me house sqm.

→ Ie no Okisa wo oshiete kudasai

or Ie no Okisa wo osiete itadakemasuka ?

A. ~ heibei desu.

Q.5 Is the house being renovated?

→ Sono ie ha riform wo shiteimasuka ?

A.1 hai shitemasu.<renovated>

A.2 Iie shitemasen<not renovated>

Identity verification by phone

The bank will check your Japanese conversation. Please be careful when they use the phone to check instead of face-to-face. If you don't understand the Japanese question and someone nearby who understands Japanese takes over for you, I am afraid examination will be NG. Because they think you don't understand Japanese.

So, if you really don't understand, ask the people around you to teach you silently (by writing or gesturing). In hat case, please refer to the above example sentences.


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