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Just do what to do


If you want to own a house, I recommend 1st "do it what to do". It is better don't think too much, just do it what you absolutely must do. If so, I'm sure your dream will come true.

"What you must do" is think about your budget.

In case of using a housing loan, you need to know how much the bank will lend you a housing loan. You will know " how much ? " when you will passs 2nd examination. Also if you don't know that, thinking about a house will be a waste of time.

If you will check this, l think you will know that the most important thing in your house planning is checking the budget.= No.02

00 Preparation

Just try 1st examination, not thinking various things

01 Start

Submit requirments fo 2nd examination.

02 How much

Afer 2nd examination, you know how much the bank will lend you a housing loan.

03 Search

You will know your budget. So you can search the house.

04 Contact

You will contact a house you like

05 Bank meeting 

Bank will check all your housing plan.

06 Last meeting

You will receive a house key.

Why check the budget first ? Because..

1️⃣Housing loan is not a loan that everyone applies.

2️⃣It is very difficult loan not only for Japanese people but also for foreigners.

3️⃣It is not a simple examination like a car loan, cashing loan, or credit card loan etc examination.

So 1st is “just do” 1st housing loan examination.

Housing loan step

1️⃣Examination is 3 times in all.

2️⃣1st is simple but, 2nd is detail.

3️⃣And 1st is OK but, 2nd is often NG.

So it is better to think about house if you will apply 2nd examination.

If you will apply 2nd examination, you will know your budget. So you can choose house within your budget. This is Right way. However, if 1st action is only thinking house<not check your budget>, the result is often above content..

So it is better to choose Ridht way.

Above is important points. So now..

Thinking too much is waste time. Nothing changes

1st is "just do" 1st housing loan examination, not thinking various things.

📂Requirements for 1st

1️⃣Gensen Reiwa 3 / 2021

⚠️Withholding slip : Reiwa 3 nen

2️⃣Shakai hokensho / Social Insurance card

3️⃣Zairyu-card / Residence card

4️⃣Menkyosho / Drivers license

5️⃣Cell phone number and E-mali address

⚠️If you don't have a Gensen, please prepare payslip for last 3 month.

⚠️And also if you don't have payslip for last 3 month, please tell me your monthly salary.


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