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New year event



New year event

"Residential fair with rooftop"

Example / 4LDK Brand new

Price / 1,880 man

Building / 108 sqm

Monthly payment / 4.8 man※

※When the preferential interest rate is 0.52% / ※Only house,the land and expenses are diffrent.

Applicable condition

☆Those who receive preferential interest rates / The bank decides it depending on your situation.

※We will investigate whether it will apply for free. You can decide whether to buy the house after it is applicable.

How to apply it

1. Please answer the following questionnaire. ※ It is a questionnaire consistent with bank review.

2. We will correspond individually with Facebook messenger.

3. After that, we will request a review from the bank for free.

※If there is a possibility that the bank will lend you a housing loan, there is no problem if you buy another house.

Thank you for your consideration.


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