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What you shouldn't do


If you really want to have your own house, please take a step forward, not think too much.

1st step

1st step is "Just try"

"Just try" is just to do 1st housing loan examination" ,not think too much.

The reason is simple.

Houjing loan examination is very difficult for Japanese, especially for foreigners.

No one knows if you can buy a house. Only the bank knows.

Housing loan examination is 3 times in all. 1st is simple but, 2nd is detail. 1st is OK but, 2nd is often NG.

Also, 1st examination is only "Can you buy a house? or not ?

So ,if you really want to have your own house, 1st step is "Just try"

Your worries

You might think this way..

"I know that the important is housing loan examination but,..."

・ "I'm worried to pass housing loan examination."

・ "I'm worried about payment"

・ "I'm worried about my current income."

・1st, I should find the house I want and then, I think about housing loan examination.

・ I live in Japan now, but may return to my home country in the future. So I want a house but...maybe I should think a little more.

・ I should get housing loan, so I can't help thinking about it. So I should think about only house.

"Above reason, I should think a little more."

Unfortunately, thinking about them is a waste of time. Because you haven't yet applied housing loan examination.

The above various things are to think first after applying housing loan exmaintion.

Best way

I think you should think about various thigs after passing housing loan examination.

1st step is "just try."

Thinking too much.. I am afraid that it is waste time.

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