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Points to consider for a House

There are some points to consider for a house.

Concept of market price

The area has a market price.

I think your country and Japan are the same.

Convenient areas (close to station, convenient for shopping, etc.) have high land values, so the total cost (including the house) will be higher.

If the area you live in is like that, you need to consider it carefully.

Conversely, areas that are less convenient tend to have lower total costs because land is cheaper.

Which one is your choice ?

In case of the same budget, 1,800 man

convenient area

A. 1,800 man is too old house.

country area

B-C. 1,800 is new house.

Which one is your choice, A or B-C ?

Common case

When deciding on an area, your child may tell you..

"Papa, Mama ! if you will buy a house, close to school is better ! I never want to change schools !"

If you focus on your child's thoughts, the house will be closer to where you live now. If the current area is a convenient area, the house may become old within the budget.

However years later, your child may tell you..

"Papa, Mama, why is my house old? All my friends' houses are beautiful ! Why didn't you think about it when you bought the house ?"


Children grow up and change their minds. What I want to tell you is that the situation in the future will change.

My advice

I think it's better to think about the future situation of the house, not the current situation.

Of course, the area where you live is important, but the house is just as important.

I think the final decision should be made with the whole future.


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