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Reservation is a mutual promise between you and the owner.


If you look inside a house and want it, you will tell the owner " I want it."※ If so, the owner responds if accept = OK or not accept = NG.

※You can make a reservation after main examination approved.

In case of OK

The owner requests the conditions, contract money and date. If you accept them, you and the owner prepare for contract .

1️⃣ Contract money

You have to prepare and pass it directly to the owner it until contract date.

General contract money

・New house Between 30 man and 50 man

・Used house Between 10 man and 30 man

It depends on the owner, but generally it will be the above amount.

You can't sign a contract without the contract money, so you need to prepare it yourself by the contract date.

Also, it depends on examination, but normally it will be returned when you get house keys from the owner.

2️⃣ Contract date

You have to adjust your schedule for the contract date. After accept your reservation, the owner will be set in about a week.

If you go beyond that, the owner will decide that you have no intention of buying, and will often cancel your reservation.

In case of NG

There are 2 main reasons for NG.

1️⃣ Someone has made a reservation

2️⃣ Excessive price negotiation

1️⃣ Someone has made a reservation

It's the same as looking inside a house. You don't decied the house once someone has made a reservation.

So if there is a house you want, it is better to make a reservation as soon as possible.

2️⃣ Excessive price negotiation

It is possible to negotiate the price of the house (request the owner to lower the price).

Of couese, we always negotiate the price while consulting with the owner.

However, if you do too much (too low), the owner will reject your reservation.

Because the owner doesn't necessarily have to sell to you. About house, the customer (buyer) is not a priority. The owner (seller) has priority.

So I think it is better not to do excessive price negotiation.

Dlicate case

If other people are likely to make reservations, you may be able to make a reservation before main examination approval.

That condition, when you are close to approval.

In that case, the owner will give priority to the person who get main examination approval quickly.

So it is better to proceed with main examination as soon as possible.


Even if you spend a lot of time checking the house, there is no problem. However late decisions may lead to missed opportunities.

Good house will soon be gone. Others like it, as like you.

So if there is a house you like, it is better to make a reservation early.


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