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There are many things to do at each step.


It takes long time until last stage. Because there are a lot of requirements and additional.

Progress schedule

Please note the following.

1️⃣ Please prepare requirements for 2nd as soon as possible for proceeding first.  

2️⃣ So If you can't get all of them until next meeting, there is no problem. The important thing is to make as much progress as possible.

3️⃣ Also please adjust schedule as much as possible.

4️⃣ Please practice Kanji of your current address and company name.

00 Preparation

00-1. 1st examination  5 days - 1 week

01 Start

01-1. Filling out documents

・It is neccesary to wirte Kanji address by yourself.

01-2. Submitting documents

・If there are any missing documents, please send them later by bule letter pack. 

01-3. Bank check 1 week - 10 days

・If there are any missing documents, please send them later by bule letter pack. 

01-4. Missing documents

・If there are some missing documents, please prepare them as soon as possible. 

01-5. Identification

・The bank will call you for identification. There are easy question, name, address, birth day etc. 

01-6. 2nd examination start 2 week - 3 week

・If all requirements will be prepared, bank will start 2nd examination.  

01-7. Additional contents

・It depends on examination but, often there are addtionals. These are re-identification, additional documents.

01-8. 2nd examination re-start 1 week - 2 week

・If all requirements will be prepared, bank will start again 2nd examination.

02 House check

02-1. House check

・You will check houses within your expected budget. 

02-2. House decision

・It is better to decide which house to buy before approving 2nd examination. 

03 How much

03-1. 2nd approval

・After 2nd examination, you know how much the bank will lend you. 

03-2. House reservation 1 week - 10 days between reservation - contract

・If you like a house, you can make a reservation to the house owner.

04 Contact

04-1. House reservation 

・If you have 2nd exmination conditions, you have to clear it until contract day.

04-2. Certificate of payment 

・If the conditons are payment for remaing money, you have to get certificate of payment as soon as.

05 Bank interview  

05-1. 3nd examination  10 days - 2 weeks between contract - 3rd examination

・Bank will check all your housing plan.

06 Last meeting  

06-1. Last meeting   1 week - 10 days between 3rd examination - last meeting

・You will receive a house key.


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