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Solar power generation house

Price:from ¥980 man yen※

Monthly :from ¥4.5 man yen 


Approval of bank examination of housing loan.

※It depends on bank main examination. Housing loan with life insurance 35 years.

excluded cost / various expenses

I explain how to have your own house. Most important is about housing loan. Becouse you do not buy a house without money.

First, you have to know how much money bank may lend you a housing loan. ousing

It is very difficult loan in Japan. Especially for foreigners.

Bank examination of housing loan is 3 times in all. First examination is "preliminary examination"

If you do not do this, your house planning do not make a any progress.

And also, If you do not apply "preliminary examination", the owner do not permit you to look inside of the house. Becouse the owner does not know you if it is possibile to buying a house.

So,if you really want to have your own house, first you have to do "preliminary examination of housing loan"

If you will apply it,

your house planning is beginning.

Banks decide if you will have a house. Everything depends on bank examination of housing loan.

Bank examination of housing loan.

A national qualified architect advises you how to have your own house.

Please feel free to contact us. 

Thank you.


Ibaraki Association of Architectural Firms

B5464 2809


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