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Special features

Special system to buy a lot at the same time with 2 or 3 families.

If you so, a lot lower the price and you will get a chance to buy it cheaply. Also, you will buy a custom house for country‘s style. You will cooperate with everyone,friends, brothers and sisters, parents and children.


Matsusaka-shi, Kubo-cho

Lot / 403 sqm.

Price / 1,600 man yen

3 families buy a lot at the same time.

Lot / 134 sqm

Price / 535 man yen

If you will buy it cheaply, you will get a chance to custom house for country‘s style.


IEYASU / simple type

Lot Area 134.08 sqm.

Floor Area   71.12 sqm.

House features

No.of Bedroom         3

No.of Toilet & Bath  2

Living    Area

Dining   Area 


Walk In Closet

Price:1,530 man yen

loan 35 years:monthly¥45,500※

※It depends on bank examination.

Included costs / house and lot, incidental construction(water supply, electricity, gas construction)

Excluded costs / various expenses

I will produce this project.

Condition is,

All families have approved bank examination.

Simple check "housing loan"

Thank you for your consideration. 


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