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1st step towards your dream.

Making your dream come true, 1st, you have to take the first step.

That is challenge=

"you try 1st housing loan examination"

1st housing loan examination is,

"Is it a possibility to buy a house?"

So it will be a simple examination.

There is no problem if you don't have to decide a house and budget.

But unless you do this, you can't move to the next step. So 1st you have to do it for your dream.

There are requirements.

1. The newest withholding "Gensen R1"

※R1 = Reiwa 1 nen

2. Social Insurance card "Shakai Hokensho"

3. Residence card "Zairyu card"


4. keitai number and e-mali address


If you do not have the newest withholding=Gensen, there is no problem with payslip for last 3 months. 


You do not have "social insurance card=Shakai hokensho" , there is no problem with "national health insurance=Kokumin kenko hokensho"

If you will submit the bank, you will know the result of 1st examination in about a week.

And if you will apply it, your plannning will be beginning.

If you want to know more, 

Please enter this page and send us your request message.

Please feel free to contact us.


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