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The reason


If you do not have passed housing loan examination, there are several reasons.

Could you please check the following contents ?

1. I have been late in paying loan.

2. I have been a guarantor.

3. I have many loans now. 

4. Other

Almost common causes are No.1 and No.2. Bellow is a description of each items. Please check the details that apply to each items.

No.1  " I have been late in paying loan."

Loans include car loan and credit card and mobile phone. I think you bought a mobile phone by installment.

Installments are loans.

If you have been late in paying loan, you are listed in " personal information." Personal information is " Kojin jyoho."

So if you repeat delays in laon payment or leave it as it is, your personal information is very bad.

All banks that lend housing loan can check this. All banks know everything about your loan situation.


" I have been a guarantor."

You have become a guarantor of your friends, parents, relatives. If that person is late in paying loan, it is the same of No.1 content.

Your personal information is very bad too. So you should never be a guarantor of loans. It include in mobile phone.

If you must do it, a a guarantor other than loans is better.

No.3 and No.4

" I have many loans now. "

" Other "

In this case, if you will take other measures, you may apply to housing loan.

Especially in case of No.4, there is a possibility that the person in charge who responded before does not work for himself.

In other words, he didn't check the conditions you applied in detail.

So there are many possibilitie if you will change the method.

If you want to know more,

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