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Various conditions

Banks have conditions.

Especially for housing loan, there are so many conditions. This is one of the main reasons why housing loan is harder than other loans.

1st is a simple examination. There are more conditions in 2nd than in the 1st. So 1st is OK, 2nd is NG. There will be more cases.

It does not happen, it is necessary to take measures and balance the conditions with the bank.

So we recommend that you consider 2nd examination from 1st.

Japanese people often take this method. 

In the case of Japanese people, the person who does 1st housing loan examination by himself is confident in himself.

They have "long years of service at one company", "high yearly income", and "younger age" etc.

Bank conditions are basically the same for both Japanese and foreigners.

So if you go to the bank yourself, you should have the same content as Japanese. There are "high yearly income"+… etc.

However it is very difficut.

In addition,

foreigners have language problems. Some banks require understanding of the contents of all documents (including Kanji).

Banks thinks about reading and writing Japanese="Nihongo" as well as Japanese people. 

It is often the case that the examination cannot be done due to language problems.

So it is better to leave housing loan examination to an expert.

If you want to know more, 

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