Your loans record


If you don't pass housing loan examination, you have to do it first. That is to get the documents from CIC.

CIC is “Credit Information Center”.

If you will get CIC's documents, you will know your all loan record that you have borrowed so far. And also you will know now and past your loan record and situation.

If your CIC information will be bad, it is better to fix it. If you will remain it, you don’t apply housing loan for the future. Because CIC information will not disappear.

How to get CIC's documents is as follows.

1. Please fill out the application form.

2. Please prepare requirements.

3. Please purchase a fixed amount small exchange. / 1,000 yen

4. Please mail them all.

1. Please fill out the application form.

You have to fill in the necessary information such as address and name in Japanese.

2. Please prepare requirements.

・ Copy of driver's license "Menkyo-sho", front and back

・ Copy of social insurance card "Hokwn-sho", front and back

・ Resident's card "Jyuminhyo", original

・ Copy of passport

etc... Please prepare two from the above documents.

3. Please purchase a fixed amount small exchange.

"Teigaku Kogawase, 1,000 yen" is a fixed amount small exchange. Please buy "Teigaku Kogawase, 1,000 yen" at the post office. It will be the commission for acquisition.

4. Please mail them all.

Please mail them all, 1-3 to CIC.

If you will maiI it, I think you will receive CIC's documents in about 10 days to 2 weeks.

If you check them, you can know your loan record so far. And if you have unpaid loans, please contact the loan company for more information.

After that, if you pay all the unpaid loans, I think your bad loan record will disappear. It often takes time to disappear.

However if you don't pay unpaid loans, your bad loan record remains. So I think it's better to pay the unpaid loan and disappear your bad loan record as soon as possible.

If you want to know more, please check this.


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