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About CIC


If you don't pass housing loan examination, you have to do it first. That is to get the documents from CIC.

What is CIC ?

CIC is “Credit Information Center”.

If you will get CIC's documents, you will know current and past your loan situation.

Requirements for CIC's documents

・Application form.

・Driver's license, social insurance card, resident's card, passport.. etc. 2 of from these documents.

・"Teigaku Kogawase, 1,000 yen" you can buy it at the post office.

It takes about 10 days to 2 weeks to get them.


In case of not applying housing loan, your CIC information is bad.

Bad means,

・You have a loan that you haven't paid yet.

・Sometimes you didn't pay the loan on time.

If you have unpaid loan, it's better to pay it as soon as possible.

If you will remain it, you don’t apply housing loan for the future.Because your bad information will not disappear.

You have tried housing loan examination several times.However, the result is NG.

If you apply it, please send a message to


We will advie how to do and how to check.

Please feel free to contact us.


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