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2nd chance


Please don't give up your dreams.

If you have tried housing loan examination before, and didn't apply it, there are many reasons.

This is the detailed content.

Among them, there are many reasons why your personal information is bad.

Personal imformation is "Kojin jyoho"

Unfortunately, as long as your bad information is posted in "Kojin jyoho", you will not apply to housing loan examination.

However, there is a posting period for "Kojin jyoho".  After that period, the bad information may be gone.

Therefore, we recommend that you try to do housing loan examination again, even if you didn't apply it before.

If the bad information is gone, you have possibilty to apply to housing loan examination. This isn't a rare case and many people have succeeded with it.

If it still NG, then you should investigate the reason.

If you haven't completed the previous payment or, have experience of being late for payment,

bad information never disappear over time. So you should fix it.

If the cause is resolved, you can know the next time when you try to do housing loan examination next.

Then you should try to do it again.

So if you did not apply to housing loan before, we recommend that you will try to do it again.

Even if the result is NG, you only have to consider a countermasure.

The important is to challenge again.

Please do not give up your dreams.

We would like to support you. We hope your dream come ture.

If you also want to challenge your 2 chance

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