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Approval condition


If you have a loan, there are often conditions for approval when the main examination is approved.

Certificate of completion

The condition is to get a certificate of completion of the loan you have now. The name is " Kansai shoumeisho" = certificate of completion.

You will receive it from your loan company once you have paid loan balance.

It is certificate that there is no loan balance.

That means you will need to pay loan balance to get it.

Loan with possible conditions

Be especially careful with the following loans.

1️⃣ Car loan

2️⃣ Cash loan

3️⃣ Credit card installment payments,

revolving payments

4️⃣ Others

It is a condition of approval, so you must pay these loan balances in order to be approved.

Of course, it is not possible to borrow more than the housing loan payment.

How to get

How to get a certificate of completion = "Kansai shomeisho" is as follows

1️⃣ Check balance and account

2️⃣ Make the Payment of balance

3️⃣ Get a certificate of completion

4️⃣ Submit it to the bank

1st, please contact your loan company by phone or email to confirm the exact balance.

Next, please confirm the payment date and payment account and make the payment.

Then, the loan company will send you a certificate of completion within 10-14 days after payment.

If you get it, please submit it to the bank.

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How to talk to a loan company in Japanese

The owner always check this on contract date.

Therefore, it is better to prepare to get a completion certificate as soon as once contract date is decided.

For car loans

If the certificate of completion is for a car loan, there are many cases where the balance cannot be paid. In that case, there is a way to sell the car and pay off the loan balance.

Proceed as follows

1️⃣ Consideration of sale

2️⃣ Sell

3️⃣ Get a certificate of completion

1st, please get estimates from several car buying companies. If you check the price, please sell your car at the best price company.

The company will negotiate directly with the loan company. Therefore, you don't have to negotiate with the loan company.

After the sale, all you have to do is wait and the loan company will send you a certificate of completion.

If you sell a car with loan balance, I think it's better to ask a car shop = buying company to sell it.

After selling the car

If you buy a car again after housing loan examination finished, it won't affect your car loan. So you don't have to worry about it.

Also, if possible, I think it would be best to get a housing loan first, then a car loan.

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Which is the better choice.


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