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Which is the better choice ?

When approval condition is payment of car balance.


1️⃣ Prepare money and pay off car loan balance

2️⃣ Sell your car and get rid of your loan

3️⃣ Wait until the car loan is over

1️⃣ is best choice. However, if there are a large balance, it maybe difficut to prepare money.

In that case, 2️⃣ is better choice.

If car loan ends in 2-3 month, 3️⃣ is better choice too. However, if car loan will take more than a year, 3️⃣ is bad choice.

Because the situation may change at that time and there is no guarantee that it will be approved again. It is better to take advantage of the opportunity now.

Don't worry

Car loan is very easy loan. Even if you have housing loan, it will not affect car loan examination.

So if you approve housing loan examination with condition for payment of car loan balance, it is better to pay off it.

There are many cases where the balance cannot be paid. In that case, there is a way to sell the car and pay off the loan balance.

⚠️Please check

Best choice

If you think to buy a car that you want when you don't have a house, please wait. Please think which is better for your family, a car or a house.

I think the answer is house.

However, if you have a car with balance, there is no problem. Because there is a solution.

So you just solve it.

Please make the best choice.

I think house is important for your family in life.


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