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This is a housing loan that foreigners can try.

Housing loan requirements 

There are two important requirements when ※foreigners will try housing loan examination.

※Including / Even if they have already acquired Japanese nationality, their Japanese reading comprehension is insufficient

Two important requirements

1.Regular employee "Sei shain"

2.Japanese language ability (reading and writing including kanji).

Without these two requirements, you cannot try with a regular bank. (Of course, permanent residence is a requirement.)

So you should try housing loan examination without these two requirement.

It is "Flat 35". "Flat 35" doesn't have these requirements. So This is a housing loan that foreigners can try.

Flat 35

Flat 35 is the name of a housing loan product of the Japan Housing Finance Agency, a policy-based financial institution in Japan. The Japan Housing Finance Agency will examine your application and lend you a housing loan.

Japan Housing Finance Agency

"Jyutaku Kinyu Shien Kiko"

Japanese policy financial institution. They will review and give you a housing loan. However before that, specialized financial institution will check.

Specialized financial institution

They will be the point of contact between you and Japan Housing Finance Agency.

The difficulty of the examination differs depending on the window. Representative specialized financial institution are as follows.

I think it would be better to choose a window that meets your conditions.

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