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Bank type

There are several housing loans for foreigners.

General bank requirements 

There are some important requirements when you will do housing loan examination for foreigners.

1️⃣ Permanent residence or Japanese nationality

2️⃣ Japanese reading comprehension

( Not only Hiragana,Katakana, but also kanji )

3️⃣ Regular employee "Sei shain"

You cannot apply to a general bank without these requirements. However, there are banks where you can apply without these requirements.

They are FLAT 35 and AEON bank. So those banks are banks for foreigners.

Examination level

If you check the table below, I think you know FLAT 35 and AEON bank level are not strict.

FLAT 35 and AEON bank 1st examination level is almost the same. AEON Bank can conduct examinations on the Internet. So 1st, it is better to do AEON Bank 1st examination.

Both of 2nd examination levels are difficult, but AEON Bank is more difficult than FLAT 35.

So this is better,

1️⃣ AEON bank 1st exam → 2️⃣ FLAT 35 1st and 2nd exam → 3️⃣ AEON bank 2nd exam, (according to2️⃣situation)

Most foreigners borrow housing loans from FLAT 35. Because AEON bank is difficult.

So it is better to concentrate on the FLAT 35 examination.

Flat 35

Flat 35 is not Bank. It is the name of a housing loan product of the Japan Housing Finance Agency, a policy-based financial institution in Japan. The Japan Housing Finance Agency will examine your application and lend you a housing loan.

Japan Housing Finance Agency

"Jyutaku Kinyu Shien Kiko"

Japanese policy financial institution. They will review and give you a housing loan. However before that, specialized financial institution will check.

Specialized financial institution

They will be the point of contact between you and Japan Housing Finance Agency.Representative specialized financial institution are as follows.

The difficulty of the examination differs depending on the window. So we will advise you on the window that best suits your situation.


Depending on the situation, it may be difficult to get approval even for Flat 35, or the interest rate may be higher.

In that case, we recommend ARUHI, one of the flat 35 financial institutions.

ARUHI has its own housing loans other than Flat 35. Depending on your examination situation, we will suggest which examination is better for you.


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