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Just do


We will explain how to have your own house.


3 easy step for having your own house.

1️⃣ Check the money that bank lend you.

2️⃣ Search the house and area within 1️⃣ .

3️⃣ Have a house within 2️⃣.

1st, you just check your budget that bank will lend you money = housing loan. If you know it, you can search houses and area. After that, if you will approve 2nd housing loan examination, you can have your own house within the budget.

So the most important thing for having your own house is checking your budget. In case of using housing loan, It is important to know...

How much will the bank lend you a housing loan ?


1️⃣ Housing loan is not a loan that everyone approves.

2️⃣ It is very difficult loan not only for Japanese people but also for foreigners.

3️⃣ It is not a simple examination like a car loan, cashing loan, or credit card loan etc examination.

"just do"

So..if you really want your own house, the most important is knowing how much will the bank lend you a housing loan.

For that...

1st, you "just do" housing loan examination, not thinking various thigs including house.

Housing loan step

1️⃣st is simple and easy.

Just check you have possibility to pass or not.

2️⃣nd is detail.

There are a lot of requirements. If you pass it, you know how much will the bank lend you a housing loan.

3️⃣rd is bank interview.

always there is bank interview and sometimes there are conditions.

Important point

✅Examination is 3 times in all.

✅1st is simple but, 2nd is detail.

✅1st is OK but, 2nd is often NG.

If you will approve 2️⃣nd examination, you will know how much will bank lend you a housing loan. After that, you can choose a house within that budget.

For just do 1️⃣st housing loan examination for approving 2️⃣nd.

Maybe you are worried

I think you have a lot of worries and thoughts, "I am worry.."

✅ If I will pass the housing loan examination.. because my current income is low, I have car loan now, etc.

✅ If I can pay the housing loan examination for long time..

✅ Also, about monthly payment, yearly tax, etc.


You don't know the budget if you don't do anything. I am afraid that thinking too much is waste time, nothing changes.

"just do"

1st is "just do" examination, not thinking too much including house. It is better to think them after approving 2nd examination.

Everyone who has made their dreams come true has done this. The secret to their success was "Just do"

Also, they never give up for their dream and never become troblesome "mendokusai" on housing loan examination.

So most important for having your own house is.. "just do". It means "1st just do housing loan examination.

If you will try it as like them, please check it.


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