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Mechanism of solar power / Solar power vo.1


What is solar power for residential ?

To briefy expalain 3 points.

・Install the solar cell module on the roof. Solar cells generate electricity by receiving the light energy of the sun.

・The power conditioner converts the DC power generated by the solar cell into AC power.

・ Supply electricity to home appliances.

In this way, solar power is not a particularly complicated system. If you install a dedicated monitor, you can check the daily power status and usage, which is very convenient.

Benefits of solar power

There are 3 main advantages.

・ Clean and not exhausted

・ Any installation location

・ Easy maintenance

Since solar power uses sunlight, which is a natural energy source, it has an inexhaustible energy source and does not generate air pollutants such as CO2.

In addition, it can be installed according to the space of the house, and it is said that maintenance is easy because the structure is simple.

Disadvantages of solar power

Until now, renewable energy power generation such as solar power has had the disadvantage that..

"the power supply is unstable because it is easily affected by the weather."

The amount of sunshine makes a difference in the electricity produced by solar power. However, Japan is a country where sunlight is shining all year round.

In addition, the performance has improved, and there are cases where the power consumption of households can be covered by solar power.

Therefore, the disadvantages of solar power have been eliminated.

Emergency role of solar power

Sunlight is a renewable energy, and solarpower does'nt emit CO2. Furthermore, the performance has been further improved, and the disadvantages of unstable power supply due to the weather have been eliminated.

In addition, solar power has a role in an emergency. Natural disasters are unpredictable.There is also concern that electricity will stop in the event of a disaster.

However, even if the supply of electricity is cut off, it is possible to generate electricity with solar power. It will be possible to use it in an emergency.

Solar power protects the environment and also protects your home and family in an emergency. It is now becoming an integral part of the home.

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