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Will monthly utility bills be cheaper ? / Solar power vo.2


What will happen if you actually introduce solar power ?

If you install solar power, your monthly utility bills can be significantly reduced. The main utility bills are electricity and gas bills, but if you introduce solar power, there will be no gas bills at all. Because you don't have to use gas. All equipment that requires gas (kitchen stove and water heater) is also electrical equipment.

All the gas bills you have used so far are covered by electricity. I think it will cost more electricity than before, but the total will be a big reduction.

What is the mechanism of solar power generation?


Solar panels installed on the roof generate electricity.


Use electricity efficiently at home.


Sell the surplus electricity to the electric power company.

If there is a solar panel, it will generate as much power as possible. Also, if you save on using electricity at home (do not overuse it), the utility bill will naturally be different. Solar monitors are installed in the home, so if you look at them and check the amount of reduction, you will naturally save more electricity than ever before.

The electricity generated by solar power alone cannot cover the electricity of household electricity. (This is because it does not generate electricity when the weather is bad or at night.) A simple image is that you sell the surplus electricity generated during the day and buy electricity at night.

If you install solar power in this way, your life will change considerably. However, of course, it costs the installation cost of solar power generation. I will explain what the balance (profit and loss) will be.

Monthly utility bill

If you have a new home, you'll probably pay more each month than you would have paid for an apartment. I think that's probably correct. However, that's when you consider paying only for the house. Monthly payments are not limited to homes. There will always be a utility bill. This is because people cannot live without electricity and gas.

There is no point in thinking about monthly payments at home alone. I think you have to consider other payments, especially utility bills.

Please check the table below.

Monthly living expenses

※Conditions /

In the case of solar power 6KW installation

For example, if you lived in an apartment for 50,000 yen every month, if you buy a house and get a loan every month, the payment will increase to 63,000 yen. However, if you make it all-electric in your new home, you will not be charged for gas. If you use electricity and gas together or if you use only electricity, the total amount will be cheaper if you use only electricity.

Furthermore, if you install solar power on it, your monthly payment will increase by 7,000 yen, but you can reduce your utility bill by 15,000 yen. That means that solar power can sell electricity, so it has a monthly income.

Then, if you compare your current life (life in an apartment) with your new life (house with solar power),

Current life

15,000 yen + 11,000 yen + 50,000 yen

= 76,000 yen

New life

21,000 yen + 63,000 yen + 7,000 yen-15,000 yen = 76,000 yen

Monthly living expenses

※Conditions /

In the case of solar power 6KW installation

The monthly total spending of the current life (apartment life) and the new life (life with solar power) is almost the same.

This is just an example, and not all of them apply, but if you install solar power for about 7,000 yen every month, you can reduce the utility bill by about 15,000 yen. Also, for those who currently have higher electricity and gas bills than the table above, the difference will widen further.

Of course, i think you are worried about paying a housing loan. (Because monthly payments increase), but if you think about it (including utility bills), after all, I think that every month payments are not much different from your current life.

If so, I think it's better to have your own house than an apartment. Of course, if the person who owns his / her own house can install solar power generation, I think it is better to install it.


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