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About housing loan, bank preliminary examination is OK, This is the beginning.

If you do not make a bank preliminary examination, your house planning will not make any progress.

There are 3 bank examination in all.

⇒1. OK(50%OK)Start  

(first bank examination)

⇒2. Based on first bank examination, you will be able to search for house in earnes.

⇒3. You will look inside the house that got interest. At the same time, you will prepare for bank main examination.

(second bank examination)

⇒4. If you will like the house that you looled, you will have to make a reservation to the house.


⇒5. Bank main examination

(second bank examination)

If this is not permitted, the owner will not sell real estate. And, You will go to the bank with all the necessary documents.(Sometimes,preliminary is OK, main is NG.)

⇒6. OK(80%OK)

You decide to buy the house.

⇒7. You can contract real estate.

⇒8. Last bank examination

(third bank examination)

⇒9. OK(100%OK)

⇒10. Bank contract

⇒11. Goal achievement

you buy the house.

No.4 and No.5 is main part.The way to buy your own house is long.

That's why your house planning will not make any progress,if you do not make a bank preliminary examination.

If you think so, Could you please tell me? I will submit it for free.

About bank preliminary examination.


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